Help for Subscription and Login

You can browse this website freely without subscribing or logging in.  However, if you want to be able to download scores, parts and/or mp3s, you'll have to subscribe.

Why Do We Want You to Subscribe?

Barbara doesn't charge anything for you to have copies of her scores and you can use them freely, within the terms and conditions outlined on the TERMS page. In return, Barbara wants to know who you are  - so she can build up a picture of the kind of people using her works.

Barbara will never give access to your details to any third party, nor will she ever use your details for any purpose other than analysing the use of her works, and occasionally getting in touch with you with news about her compositiions and this site.

How Does Subscription Work?

Pressing the 'Subscribe' button on the LOGIN page opens a form for you to fill in with your name and address etc. and an indication of what type of subscriber you are (private, commercial etc.).  You are also asked for your email address.  This is important because you will use your email address to log in.  Once you have completed the form, your details will be placed securely in a database and an email will be sent to the address you specified, confirming your subscription.  There are no passwords required or used.

The confirmation email we send you will contain a link which can be used at any time to unsubscribe.  If you use this link, all your details will be permanently deleted from the database.

Logging In

As soon as you've completed your subscription, you'll be autmatically logged in.  You can log out (without removing your details) at any time, using the 'Logout' buttonand subsequently log back in again by entering your email address and clicking 'Login'.

You can tell if you're logged because the red NOT LOGGED IN shown at the top of every page will change to a green LOGGED IN.

You can update your details at any time (even your email address).  Once you're logged in, the 'Subscribe' button on the LOGIN page changes to an 'Update' button.

Technical Stuff

Your 'logged in status' is maintained by a cookie on your computer, and you won't be able to log in unless your browser is set to accept cookies.  This shouldn't be a problem in most cases; however, for example Internet Explorer 7 and 8 default to not allowing cookies unless you've changed your security settings.  If you can't get your status to change to LOGGED IN, check your browser's settings.

Cookies sent by this site expire after 7 days.  So, if you haven't logged in for a week you'll need to log in again.