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Terms & Conditions


www.barbara-thompson.co.uk has been created to enable anyone who's interested to download scores and parts to Barbara Thompson's music - free.  All scores and parts are presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and you may need to download Adobe Reader (a free application) from Adobe in order to use these files.

Barbara Thompson has assigned all the rights in her music either to Temple Music (Jon Hiseman & Barbara Thompson's publishing company) or to other publishers where stated.


All Barbara Thompson's works reproduced on this website are her original compositions and have been registered as such with PRS/ MCPS in the UK and thus worldwide.  Where other authors or collaborators are acknowledged, the individual work will contain any details of their rights assignments.

Use of Materials

You can print the downloaded scores and parts for your own and your immediate colleagues/students use, but we ask you to direct others to this website so that they can subscribe, download and tell Barbara what they are doing with her music.

You can use freely any of the music for study, practice, rehearsal, performance and recording, but for any performance to paying customers, you are required to register the performance (and specifically Barbara's music) with your collection society (PRS in the UK/ Gema in Germany etc, etc.)  Notify the society with the correct title of the work, the composer/arranger as listed and any movements played.

Please also notify Barbara of any public performance and send her a copy of any recording you make. You are not allowed to syncronise any of Barbara's music to Video or Film without express permission from Temple Music - contact Jon Hiseman for further details.  Of course, for videoed performances posted on YouTube or similar free sites, we will never refuse a reasonable request.