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In response to numerous requests, we are offering five early LPs as high quality CD-Rs to owners of the original albums.

Temple Music does not own the copyright to these albums and the fee you pay is for the transcription only, not for the content. The four albums offered in this series took 17 days to process from 34 un-played LPs in Jon Hiseman’s archive. Over £30,000 worth of equipment was used in the process. The result is a listening experience as close to the original session masters as possible without access to the original tapes. No booklet is included with these CD-Rs. Basic artist/performer/title info is printed on the disc.



Ghosts 1982
Barbara with Rod Argent, Jon Hiseman, John Mole, Keith Airey et al.

  1. Poltergeist 5:25
  2. With You 4:11
  3. Secret Soul 5:00
  4. All Alone 7:05
  5. Ghosts 5:45
  6. Little Girl 4:06
  7. Falling Stars 4:42
  8. Moving On 3:07
  9. Sweet Spirit 4:20

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