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In response to numerous requests, we are offering five early LPs as high quality CD-Rs to owners of the original albums.

Temple Music does not own the copyright to these albums and the fee you pay is for the transcription only, not for the content. The 5 albums offered in this series took 17 days to process from 34 un-played LPs in Jon Hiseman’s archive. Over £30,000 worth of equipment was used in the process. The result is a listening experience as close to the original session masters as possible without access to the original tapes. No booklet is included with these CD-Rs. Basic artist/performer/title info is printed on the disc.



Ghosts 1982
Barbara with Rod Argent, Jon Hiseman, John Mole, Keith Airey et al.

  1. Poltergeist 5:25
  2. With You 4:11
  3. Secret Soul 5:00
  4. All Alone 7:05
  5. Ghosts 5:45
  6. Little Girl 4:06
  7. Falling Stars 4:42
  8. Moving On 3:07
  9. Sweet Spirit 4:20

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