• Barbara Thompson – saxophone; Jon Hiseman – drums; Peter Lemer – keyboards; Billy Thompson – violin; Dave “Taif” Ball – Bass. 2 seminal releases from Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia. The Last Fandango is Barbara's last recording, released 2015. Live '05 DVD is the only existing video footage of her band Paraphernalia filmed at The Theaterhaus, Stuttgart in 2005 and released in 2011.
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    Martyn Hanson writes: What a pleasant surprise that a band that had been going on and off for five decades could come up with such a strong, not to say eclectic, album. Pete Feenstra, for Get Ready to Rock, beautifully sums it up: ‘Given the virtual collapse of the jazz rock and fusion market in the interim period between the band’s original dissolution and their comeback in 1994, the album’s title has an ironic ring about it. On their last studio album Tomorrow’s Blues they traded their former progressive style for a more mature blues feel, but this album has a surprisingly broader sweep.’ Jon reinforced this feeling in an interview just after the release: ‘It’s amazing what appeals to one person is quite different to another. I have people who swear the best track is ‘You Just Don’t Get It’ and why is it so late on the album. Others go for Ana Gracey’s ‘Blues to Music’. I like ‘The Way You Waved Goodbye’. So I hope [there’s] something for everyone.’ This, the final Colosseum studio album featuring master drummer Jon, was released 11 years after Tomorrow’s Blues. Those into Roman numerals would have got the year straightaway, as the cover has the numerals MMXIV = 2014.
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    This double CD is the first Colosseum work to feature Barbara Thompson after Dick passed away. It contains songs from both the then recent studio albums, Bread & Circuses and Tomorrow’s Blues. However, the title of the album makes a firm connection with their classic live album Colosseum Live from 1971. The review from Prog Archives was full of praise and enthusiasm: ‘It is simply thrilling! ‘The Valentyne Suite’ as an example here. It starts in a classic way, with a motive run by organ supported with a saxophone. However, the bass line is run in a different way and it indicates certain surprises. The piano and saxophone duo is wonderful mainly thanks to the reliable Barbara, who then shows her skills in a beautiful, sober solo part, followed by a dynamic solo part from Dave on Hammond organ. The second part starts in a sweet and melancholic way. The vocals of Mark Clarke [are] a masterpiece, and then another saxophone solo entrance.’ Barbara really adds something to ‘February’s Valentyne’ with her contribution.' The album was recorded in 2005 and released in 2007 and we are offering limited copies here at a specially discounted price.
  • Footage from the reunion tour of 1994 taken in Cologne. See and hear Colosseum on a DVD comprising the complete E-Werk concert footage. TRACKLIST 1 Those About To Die 2 Skelington 3 Elegy 4 Tanglewood '63 The Valentyne Suite 5 January's Search 6 February's Valentyne 7 The Grass Is Always Greener 8 Rope Ladder To The Moon 9 Theme For An Imaginary Western 10 The Machine Demands Another Sacrifice 11 Solo Colonia 12 Lost Angeles 13 Stormy Monday Blues 14 Walking In The Park Extra Feature 15 The Story Of Colosseum (90 Minute Documentary) 1:30:00


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